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Medical Insurance Information for Active Employees

The Diocese of South Carolina Healthcare Renewal 2017

The Diocese of South Carolina’s group health plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield is set to renew on October 1, 2017. This renewal has been particularly challenging as we strive to maintain effective as well as affordable coverage. In order to sustain our current self insurance plan we would be forced to increase premiums well beyond what we feel is reasonable and affordable. The good news is that our new affiliation with the Anglican Church in North America allows us to enroll on the ACNA employer group health plan. The ACNA plan is a fully insured plan covered through United Healthcare. The ACNA plan is covered through United Healthcare with a nationally recognized network of physicians and facilities. We are very pleased to announce that the premium rates with United Healthcare HSA plan are below what we would have experienced had we renewed on the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

All currently covered members will be automatically enrolled into the United Healthcare HSA plan to be effective 10/1/2017. You will not need to submit any forms in order to roll over into the new coverage. Below are PDF documents with important information about the 2017 healthcare renewal for the Diocese of South Carolina.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Do I have to meet my deductible again this year, and why?
If a diocese changes plans in the middle of a year, it will need to be on the plan year of the group it is joining.  Please keep in mind that ACNA’s plan year runs from September 1st through August 31st each year, and deductibles follow suit.  Everyone will have to meet a new deductible starting with this new plan, and it will not start over again until September 1st of next year.
2.  What about our Vision Plan?
Our Vision care plan is still in force and has not changed.  The ACNA offers a Vision Benefit and the benefits committee will continue to review that going forward, but for now, all vision care invoices will still come from the Diocese.

3.  I notice that the Dental Insurance rate is now separate.  Why the change?

Unlike our old plan, the ACNA plan and rates do not include dental.  Those are voluntary and elected separately by the employee and the cost is borne entirely by the employee if they wish to have it.  This is very common with fully-insured plans and a change we would have made ourselves had we kept our self-funded plan.  You will automatically be enrolled in the dental plan unless you de-enroll by October 27, 2017.  Contact Teri Stephenson at ( to de-enroll.  You may elect to join the dental plan at a later date if you so wish.

4.   What if I want to join a different health plan from the HSA?

All employees have been placed in the High Deductible HSA plan, as most of our employees have health savings accounts and will probably wish to continue with that.  However, if someone wishes to change to a different plan, you only have until October 27, 2017 to make that change.  If you do that, then you will no longer be eligible to deposit funds into your Health Savings Account, however, the funds that are already there may still be drawn upon for eligible medical expenses.  Again, contact Teri Stephenson to make that change.

Read the full letter explaining the health care renewal. 

Welcome Brochure

UnitedHealthcare Rates and Plan Designs

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

UnitedHealthcare Certificate of Coverage Choice Plus

UnitedHealthcare Prescription Drug Benefit

UnitedHealthcare Enrollment Form

UnitedHealthcare Vision Benefit Summary


Dental Benefits

To clergy and staff of the Diocese of South Carolina who had been covered on the Diocese health and dental plans,
Welcome to the ACNA group dental benefits supplied by MetLife Dental.
Employees that had been previously covered on the dental plan through the Diocese of South Carolina will now be covered on the MetLife dental plan effective 10/1/2017. Please know that the enrollment process for this plan is still underway and may not be completed until next week. In the meantime, if you need to go to the dentist you may have your provider call me and I will verify coverage. We are asking our dental providers to hold the claim until we have verification from MetLife that the process is complete. We find that our providers are very familiar with these situations and are willing to work with us.
Your dental benefit summary is below. To receive your Dental ID card contact Nancy Armstrong.  Please note that the ID card is not pre-printed with the name of the covered member. The member must write in his/her name in the space provided. The Member’s social security number acts as their ID number. Please enter that number in the space provided without using any dashes or spaces. You can download a pre-printed ID card by registering with MetLife membership services website at See attached instructions as to how to register.

NOTE: Access to your membership services site will not be available until the group enrollment is complete. Access to membership services may take 7 to 10 days.
Your MetLife ID card serves as the ID card for all dependents listed on your policy. Dependents are not issued an ID card in their own name. Rather, they use the employee card. Verification of coverage is made by the provider at time of service. Dependent names may not always appear on the provider portal. Provider portal will indicate the coverage level (employee only/employee & spouse/family) but may not list the names of the dependents. The dependent information will be entered into the system when the first claim is submitted for that dependent. These instructions are included on the provider portal but are not always clearly understood by the dental employee. Your knowledge of the process may help elevate any confusion at the dental office. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Preprinted ID cards can be downloaded from the membership services website at


The Diocese of South Carolina has an elective vision plan of its own. That plan will remain in effect.
Your new coverage with United Healthcare and MetLife-

Both the United Healthcare and the MetLife Dental plans have a vision benefit. United Healthcare Vision is supplied through Spectera. Providers need to verify UHC Vision coverage through the Spectera provider portal. Your health policy includes a yearly vision exam which has a $10.00 co-pay. Materials such as glasses or contacts are not included on your United Healthcare plan. United Healthcare Vision claims must be sent to the UHC/Spectera address below.

Please refer to the documents attached to see the available savings. Present both your DOSC Vision ID card and your VisionAccess ID card when purchasing materials such as glasses or contacts. The doctor will bill to the appropriate policy so you receive the best possible benefit from your coverage.
Vision exams submitted for payment through United Healthcare should be sent to the address below.
Vision claims sent to the address for medical claims will be processed as a medical service and will be subject to medical co-pays and deductibles.
United Healthcare Vision (Spectera)
P O Box 30978
Salt Lake City, UT 84130
Member Number: 1-800-638-3120
Provider Number: 1-800-839-3242
MetLife VisionAccess Program (supplied through VSP) - included at no additional cost
The MetLife VisionAccess program is focused on bringing you the savings you need and the choice you want. You have access to thousands of highly qualified, credentialed, private practice ophthalmologists and optometrists participating in the network. This vision program works much like a coupon at the grocery store. When you present your Vision Access Card the provider enters it into their billing system and a discount is taken off of the product or service. The amount of the discount depends on the product or service purchased.
The program benefits are clear:
• Savings on eye exams,
• Discounts on glasses and frames,
• Access to laser vision correction,
• A broad choice of high quality providers,
• Availability of the program to your entire family,
• MetLife VisionAccess is included with your dental policy at no extra cost to you.
To review benefits or find a participating provider, visit our website or call.
1 800 ASK-4MET (275-4638)
Select option 1; then option 4 (Vision); then option 2 (Discount Program)
Learn More about your MetLife Benefits
The MyBenefits web site is a quick and easy way for you to get extensive information about your MetLife benefits – all in one place. Log on to  to see how we’ve taken personalization and integration to a new level. With a view to providing you with more insight to your benefits plan and enabling you to easily access your benefits information online, MyBenefits is a dynamic tool that will prove invaluable when making important benefits decisions.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your benefits or if I can be of help in any way.
Teri Stephenson
Account Administrator
The Solomon Benefits Group, Ltd.

MetLife Dental Benefits

MetLife Find a Dental Provider

MetLife Member Services

MetLife Privacy Notice





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