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Four of Five Resolutions Overwhelmingly Passed at Special Convention PDF Print E-mail

Four of the five resolutions proposed by the Diocese of South Carolina’s Standing Committee were passed at the Special Convention held October 24, 2009, at Christ Church in Mt. Pleasant. All resolutions were drafted in response to Bishop Lawrence’s address to the clergy of the Diocese on August 13, which called the church to fight the “false Gospel of indiscriminate inclusivity.”

The first four Resolutions, presented as “guiding principles for engagement,” passed overwhelmingly. Collectively, they represent a comprehensive new strategy for addressing the future of The Episcopal Church and the larger Anglican Communion.

Resolution 1, “The Lordship of Christ and the Sufficiency of Scripture” was passed by 86.7% of those present. It establishes the Diocesan commitment to these priorities and particularly how they will be affirmed in the Ordinations conducted in the Diocese.

Resolution 2, “Godly Boundaries,” was voted on by orders with 87 clergy voting “yes,” 17 voting :no,” with one abstaining. Of the lay vote, 39 parishes voted “yes,” 8 voted “no;” 13 missions voted “yes,” 3 voted “no,” two were divided and one mission abstained. The resolution commits the Diocese to clearly expressed boundaries where bodies within The Episcopal Church have assented to actions contrary to the Faith as we have received and share them with Christendom past and present.

Resolution 3, “Domestic Engagement for Missional Relationships,” passed with 85.1% voting in support, 14.6% voting “no” and 0.3% abstaining. Where like minded Dioceses and parishes will join us, we will pursue relationships that strengthen the Body of Christ.

Resolution 4, “Emerging 21st Century Anglicanism” passed with 87.5% voting in favor, 11.5% opposing and 1% abstaining. This strategy begins with the endorsement of the Ridley Draft of the Anglican Covenant as an important expression of what will be needed to restore health to the Communion.

Resolution 5, “The Rubric of Love,” was tabled until the next convention. This resolution was not connected to the Guiding Principles out of which the first four Resolutions flowed. Multiple amendments were discussed regarding this resolution. The final consensus was that the current language fell short of adequately expressing our desire to “speak the truth in love” and further work was needed before its reconsideration at Diocesan Convention in March of 2010.

Having dispatched all the proposed resolutions, the Convention was closed with prayer by Bishop Lawrence and adjourned.

Bishop Lawrence's Address from the Convention is available in printed form or as a video file



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