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Introducing Bishop Lawrence's Blog PDF Print E-mail

Bishop Lawrence's blog address is

Midge-buzzings, Musterings, and Musings

Field of midgesThe novelist, essayist, and poet, Wendell Berry said he once knew a barber who refused to give a discount to balding men because his artistry was not in cutting off hair but rather in knowing when to stop.  Likewise, I pray there is some artistry or at least craftiness in knowing when to begin.  After much coaxing from several members of our diocesan staff I have finally committed to sitting down before this computer to write a blog.  In doing so I’ve been told I need to give the blog a name.  So here it is:  I christen thee, Midge-buzzings, Musterings, and Musings—a name which clearly merits a brief explanation, not merely for the obscurities embedded therein, but because of what such a name suggests about the content. 

Since eventually, as our Lord repeatedly taught, the last will be first, I shall begin there. That is with Musings. This of course, is a rather obvious category implying— “ponderings, reflections and meditations”—thus I shall at times share with my readers thoughts and ideas far less formal than a bishop’s address, pastoral letter, or diocesan communication which would ordinarily find no opportunity for broader communication about things I find interesting.  A window by Louis Comfort Tiffany, a book I’m reading, a hike I’ve taken or an entry from my personal journal.
Profile of Bishop Lawrence in the Post and Courier PDF Print E-mail
This past Sunday, September 15, 2013, Bishop Lawrence was profiled on the cover of the Faith and Values section of the Post and Courier, Charleston's main newspaper. Jennifer Berry Hawes did an excellent job capturing Bishop Lawrence's journey to faith, call to the priesthood and his experience as the Bishop of South Carolina.

The Rt. Rev. Mark Lawrence

Bishop feels hand of god down journey through Episcopal Church schism

By Jennifer Berry Hawes

Four times, God could have called Mark Lawrence home. And didn’t. From the moment Lawrence was born severely premature in a Catholic hospital, doctors warned he wouldn’t live.

The hospital’s nuns prayed otherwise. Lawrence went home, a shoebox his bassinet.

At six weeks old, he suffered a life-threatening blockage of his esophagus. Several years later, his appendix ruptured.

And as a grown man, his colon ruptured, bringing yet another dire prognosis. His wife sat beside his hospital bed.

“Are you going to go?” she whispered fearfully.

“No,” he said. God wasn’t calling him home yet.

So, she knew he’d live. Because that was how he had always lived, feeling the Holy Spirit guide him when to stay — and when to go.

With that faith, a California boy with a charismatic bent and an orthodox theology has led the Diocese of South Carolina through a long and contentious schism with the Episcopal Church, one whose ending might finally be in sight.

Read more.
Over 85 Clergy Gather for Diocese of South Carolina Clergy Day PDF Print E-mail
Clergy of the Diocese gather at St. Paul's, September 12, 2013“What a great clergy day,” said the Very Rev. David Thurlow, Rector of St. Matthias in Summerton, SC at the end of the gathering of clergy of the Diocese of South Carolina on September 12, 2013.  Over 85 clergy of the Diocese gathered at St. Paul’s in Summerville for the once-yearly event.

“The legal update was clear and understandable,” said Thurlow, “the questions asked and answered were insightful and helpful. Alan Runyan’s personal testimony and witness to God's work was incredible and powerful.  Bishop Lawrence did great in setting before us an updated picture of where we are and giving us vision, hope and encouragement as we journey on together. All in all the day could not have been better!”
La Iglesia de San Juan – The Church On the Move PDF Print E-mail
La Iglesia de San Juan little girl enjoying dinnerOver the last year, La Iglesia de San Juan (the Hispanic ministry of the Diocese of South Carolina) has been in transition. This summer the church changed direction in its witness to the Hispanic people of Sea Islands. Instead of the traditional “open our doors and they will come” model, worship and pastoral care are now taken to the people where they live. Each Sunday evening the “Church on the Move” can be found at one of the many work camps on Johns Island.

      The ministry is a mission church of the Diocese of South Carolina under Bishop Lawrence. It was supported for most of its existence by  St. John’s Church and other churches in the Charleston area. In its current form the people involved in leadership are from many churches including a number of parishes in the Diocese and Presbyterian churches as well. The list of volunteers from other denominations is growing.

     Our goal is simply to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in Spanish, to the people of the Sea Islands. Our call is to minister both to the permanent residents and transitional (migrant) workers. The church has been leading worship in the camps for over six months and recently began the Alpha “Course in Christianity” at the one camp with year round residents. As the church’s relationships with people in the camps develop, lay and ordained leaders are beginning to provide pastoral care to the people we serve.

Federal Judge Dismisses Case Against Bishop Lawrence PDF Print E-mail

Federal Judge says South Carolina Circuit Court Will Decide Who Really Owns the Names, Property of The Diocese of South Carolina

Lawsuit Claiming Bishop Lawrence Violated Federal Trademark Laws is Dismissed

CHARLESTON, SC, August 23, 2013 – U.S. District Court Judge Weston C. Houck today dismissed a federal trademark lawsuit filed by Episcopal Church Bishop Charles vonRosenberg against Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina Mark Lawrence.

The decision acknowledges the authority of the Circuit Court of South Carolina to decide the rightful owner of the names, symbols and property of the Diocese of South Carolina.

“The sum of all disputes and conflicts arising in the wake of the Diocese’s estrangement from [the Episcopal Church] are more appropriately before, and will more comprehensively be resolved, in South Carolina state court,” stated Judge Houck in the order dismissing Bishop vonRosenberg’s lawsuit and denying his motion for an injunction to prohibit Bishop Lawrence from acting as bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina.
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