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Creating a Safe Environment for Children PDF Print E-mail
The following article is from SafeChurch and GuideOne Insurance.


Creating a Safe Environment for Children

One important aspect of a church ministry is providing a safe setting for the children. Between nurseries, daycares and playgrounds, there is a great need to offer this type of safe space. To help you, the risk management experts at SafeChurch have created a Child Safety for Nurseries, Daycares and Playgrounds training module. This training module includes a safety video, along with information on equipment and toy safety, daycare and nursery inspection, and playground safety. Create a safer environment for the children in your church by learning more about inspection and safety criteria, preventing sexual misconduct and the proper use of background checks.

Shield Your Church from Winter Water Damage PDF Print E-mail
The following article is from SafeChurch and GuideOne Insurance.

Shield Your Church from Winter Water Damage

During the winter months, your building is susceptible to water damage due to the colder temperatures. Once the temperature drops below freezing, the pipes of your building could become frozen and possibly burst. Additionally, the formation of ice dams on the roof can cause damage to walls, ceiling, and insulation. Taking the proper precautions can help safeguard your church against frozen pipes and ice dams.
The Four Most Common Electrical Hazards Found in Churches PDF Print E-mail

The following article is from SafeChurch.


Electrical hazards are often easy to identify; an exposed wire or a hanging light bulb is typically a sign that something needs attention. And while these issues may seem insignificant, they have the potential to cause major problems, including a fire. Luckily, many of these common hazards are not cost prohibitive to correct. To help protect your building from an electrical fire or other harmful situation, read on to learn how to identify and correct these hazards.

Missing Covers

Missing covers on junction boxes, switches and outlets expose energized circuits, which can create arc flash, shock, and electrocution hazards. In addition, missing covers provide a path of entry into the interior of the enclosure, allowing dust, dirt and debris to accumulate. Missing covers could allow metallic objects to fall into the circuits that could arc or lodge in a way that presents a hazard when the enclosure is opened. Covers should be provided for all these items.

Broken/Unsupported Light Fixtures

Light fixtures should be permanently mounted to the base and show no signs of damage. Light fixtures that are supported solely by wiring puts undue stress on the electrical connections. These two conditions present the potential for an electrical short, which can produce sparks that can ignite combustibles.
Preventing an Electrical Emergency: The Facts PDF Print E-mail
The following article is from SafeChurch.

When you think about preventive maintenance, most people think of maintenance on your car, furnace, air conditioner or roof. But, what about your electrical system? Most likely, you would not think that your electrical system needs regular preventive maintenance.

Studies show that the failure rate of electrical equipment is three times higher for components that are not part of a scheduled preventive maintenance program as compared with those that are. All electrical equipment ages over time increasing the chances of failure. More than two-thirds of electrical system failures can be prevented by a routine electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) program.
Day Care and Nursery Safety-TV and Furniture Tip-Over Prevention PDF Print E-mail
The following article is from SafeChurch.

Church-operated day cares and nurseries can be enriching for children and serve as convenient programs for parents while they are attending worship services. However, churches must be fully aware of the risks associated with caring for young children. There are numerous potential hazards to children within the nursery and day care. One of the most commonly overlooked is preventing TVs and furniture from tipping over and falling onto children.

tipping hazards - bookcase and TVBetween 2000 and 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) received reports of nearly 300 tip-over-related deaths involving children 9-years-old and younger. Typically, injuries and deaths occur when young children climb onto, fall against or pull themselves up on television stands, shelves, bookcases, dressers and desks. Small children are no match for a falling dresser, bookcase or television weighing upwards of 100 pounds. Children involved in these tip-over incidents often sustain severe head and other injuries to the body as a result of being crushed by the product or trapped under its weight.
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